Telling you “Our Story…”

So…this is our FIRST blog post. Here is where we are supposed to tell you why Luxe Pix Photo Booth decided to start this blog and what we plan to do with it. Well, you will have to read our future post(s) to find that out…because we want to tell you “Our Story,” how Luxe Pix Photo Booth came to be on November 16, 2016 but officially launched on January 1, 2017.

Gracelyn Knutsen, the owner of Luxe Pix Photo Booth had been a Photo Booth Attendant for a long time close friend’s Photo Booth company; however, her dear friend moved to San Diego county and most of the business, though still continues to service clients all over Southern California. One day, her friend decided to sell one of her Photo Booths and this was a booth Gracelyn was very familiar with, as she would do sole events under her friend’s company when her friend was not available. Of course, scared and not too knowledgable about the Photo Booth industy…though Gracelyn’s husband, Joe Knutsen, First Command Financial & Investment Advisor and retired Army Sergeant Major after 30 years, convinced her to chase her dreams of becoming a small business owner & #BossLady; in addition, to having the BEST gal pal and mentor Gracelyn can ever have, Jhoselyn Ramirez-Strait, I love ya sis! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR ME ALWAYS and keeping me under your wing! Luxe Pix Photo Booth opened offically for business on January 1, 2017, and since then has been keeping Gracelyn and her family pretty busy. Despite being a new small business owner and spouse, Gracelyn is a mother of 2 boys (Kylan-16 & Austin-6), fur mommy to 5 dogs (Bella, Watson, Finn, Cooper & Chewy), works a full-time job as a civilian contractor for the Army Nationl Guard, and a certified Zumba Fitness Instructor, teaching 3 zumba classes a week…Gracelyn still makes the time to capture smiles and memories with Luxe Pix Photo Booth! YES, Gracelyn is very lucky to have an amazing husband and family to be able to continue to drive on…as they are her motivation and inspiration.

Next posts…why Luxe Pix Photo Booth decided to start this blog and what we plan to do with it-STAY TUNED…

Smiles Always, Gracelyn – Luxe Pix Photo Booth (714) 426-9283 Call/Text